Finally, My First Walk

W- Day

So today is the day. I have completed my first walk in my boots. My seasoned walking friends suggested breaking me in gently and walking half of the Guild Wheel which is a circular walking and cycling route round Preston. The route we set out to do was 10 miles and it took just under 3 hrs to complete it.


The Gear

I was looking forward to finally testing my trekking kit. It was a warm and humid day but there was a low cloud hanging above us so I made sure I had a rain jacket in my backpack (it turned out I did not need it). I wore my Craghoppers leggings, wicking top, Karrimor boots and took my fleecy jacket just in case. The snacks for today were the Bounce peanut protein ball, a Quest cookie bar and plenty of water.

Sunday walking gear

The Walk

River Ribble view

The route was lovely. We set off from Avenham Park and walked along the Ribble river for quite a bit, walking past the spot where I did my first Dragon Boat Race. We then turned towards Ashton, then walked along the very green stretch of the route towards Cottam and ending up in Broughton. We walked quite fast as one of the ladies was great at setting the pace. We shared some amazing stories along the way, from a Kilimanjaro hike, cycling in Cuba, the fear of crossing the roads in Vietnam, answering a call of nature in unusual places to even telling the group the legend of the bugle call in Krakow.

I am quite pleased with myself. My legs did ache a bit at the end and I think my right shoe was laced up too tightly – something I can improve on next time. It just proves the point that if you are in a great company you can walk for miles and miles.

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