Fitness Class Challenge – 1,2,3 go!

It all started as a joke last week when the instructor in my local gym suggested I should come to 3 of the classes he was covering but eventually dared me to do it as part of my fundraising.

Gym selfieBeing an avid gym goer I could not say no to another great opportunity to raise some funds for the Alzheimer’s Society. Also I spend quite a bit of time in the gym and I was planning on organising an fundraising event there as some stage anyway so this was just ideal! Straightaway, I  started the sponsorship form going and made some posters notifying people about my “triple class challenge”. I thought it was quite funny to put a nice picture of me which was a complete opposite of the usual hot mess with a headband that walks down gym corridors.

So the challenge was to attend a spinning class at 7am, do 10 000 steps during the day then a spinning class in the evening followed by a Swiss ball cardio circuit afterwards. Easy! Right?

The added bonus was it was all going to happen on the eve of my 40th birthday. I thought this would be a great way to challenge my strength and prove to myself that I am still a fit person.  Can you tell I have a real issue turning 40 despite everybody around me saying it is just a number? I personally do feel about 28! I know, I will get used to it.

First Spin Class

How did it go then? The 7am spin was good and sweaty. I was quite looking forward to refuelling my energy at work with  my homemade birthday cake of key lime macaroon cheesecake. I received some lovely gifts from my colleagues who know me too well (Michael Kors make up bag and a bottle of Prosecco).

Bunting on the bike

When I turned up for my evening spin, I could tell straight away which was my bike. How lovely was that? It was a really good class and I sailed through it. Everybody sang Happy Birthday to me and I was on high psyching myself up for the next and last class of the challenge which turned to be a pyramid session using the Swiss ball and dumbbells.

Swiss ballMeet my friend, the Marble Marge.  We were a good team! I admit I was ready for some food and the thought of having the next day off was definitely on my mind throughout the class.

Anyway, I did it! Triple class challenge and over 15k steps. I raised £60 for the Alzheimer’s Society and had an amazing day with my gym friends. Thanks everybody!

Till the next challenge in September! Please read and share my blog. I really appreciate all your support!