Beyonce and slaying my sleep

You might think this week’s post has nothing to do with my journey to the Great Wall of China. However, it does. Let me explain…

One warm Saturday morning in July the whole family set off  to see Beyonce at Wembley Stadium. No, we did not drive there and we did not go on the train. We actually boarded a National Express events bus or as we nicked name it “a party bus”. The coach takes 5 hrs and delivers you just outside Wembley Stadium. We were really lucky as there were only 6 people on the coach and the drive was really comfortable.

Wembley and Ivy Park Ad

Now, you might think how does going on the coach link to my trek preparation? Well, I have a confession to make. I don’t sleep well on public transport. Buses, trains, cars, planes – you name it and I just can’t have a restful, deep sleep. As my flight to Beijing is around 10 hours and is overnight I have started researching different sleeping aids. Obviously, the most sensible would be travelling in business class but this ain’t happening as it is ridiculously expensive. So I have started looking at different travel pillows and the one that caught my eye was Travel Rest – the “ultimate travel pillow”.

Travelrest pillow

As you can see it is a slightly different shape than normal travel pillows. This one, as my husband called it, looks like I am holding a saxophone. You are supposed to rest your head on it and hold the body of the pillow. I have to say, it does help when you have a window seat and I will try to get one when on route to China.


Beyonce on stageObviously, I do need to do a short review of the concert. It was amazing! The best bit for me were the last couple of songs which were performed on the second stage filled with water. The water routines were outstanding and this is where Beyonce did the last song of the concert – Halo… What a song! So powerful. The set included the tribute to Prince with purple light shining all over the stadium and it was just a well rehearsed spectacle showcasing the songs from her latest album Lemonade with the show projected on a massive revolving cube.

And what is my review of the travel rest pillow? Well, I definitely had a better nap than last time we did an overnight flight. It was easy to blow up and very soft and comfortable. I did manage to nod off and I do hope it works its magic when I am sat on the Beijing bound plane at the end of October.

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