Fundraising is Funraising

Walking boots in handFundraising is quite a big challenge in itself when signing up to do a charity challenge. You are basically depending on the people you know, or sometimes don’t know, to support your cause. I admit it is not an easy feeling. But when you start seeing donations coming in you realise there are people out there who are admiring what you are trying to do and willing to support your charity. Sometimes they can just relate to the charity you are supporting like in my instance. Alzheimer’s is just one of many debilitating diseases out there but I did not realise how many of my friends’ families have been affected by this nasty disease.

As I mentioned in my first post, I am funding the trip to China myself. I did not have to set myself a target. But what fun would that be? Just going there and walking the Wall without having that big smile on your face and knowing you have helped somebody else?

It is a challenge so I have planned a couple of fundraising events to put me through my paces. The first one is already booked which took me completely by surprise! I am going to be walking roughly 50 km (or less..) which is the equivalent of my trek on a treadmill outside Tesco in Buckshaw Village, Chorley at the beginning of September. Yes, it is happening and I hope you can come and cheer me on! I am hoping to do a similar challenge at my local gym.

My second idea is to hold an outdoor cinema event. I will have to wait till the nights start to draw in to make it work. Plenty of popcorn, wine and cake. It will be a great night.

Please like and share my posts and blog on social media – they are really powerful tools. And please support my charity if you can. £50 could fund the equipment and resources needed for one day of a dementia researcher’s investigations, bringing us closer to finding a cure.