It is all about the legs

When I opened my emails today there was one that stood out. It was from the Charity Challenge, the company which is organising my trek and the title of the email was “How is your training going?” My answer was… Not good… The next line made me even more panicky as it read “If you haven’t started training by now, please do take this email seriously and start!” Perhaps this is what I need, a push to start some serious?.. any training. There are around 18 weeks left until the trek and I should really plan my training.

Now, I am going to be honest… I know I am not going to walk every week. Perhaps I have a bit of a nonchalant approach to my training but I regularly go to the gym and do a variety of strength and cardio work and I would like to think myself as physically fit. Am I going to be proven wrong?

Kettlebell looking downMy plan is to use the gym or home to work on my quads, hamstrings and core. It will be mainly weight training as I need to build a bit of muscle to carry my body weight for 50 km. This is where social media come in handy as you can follow so many great personal trainers who post their workouts. My favourite at the moment  is  Tally Rye whose weight training videos I find really helpful. So lots of weighted squats, lunges and step ups.

I have also decided to throw in some stair training. The Great Wall of China is riddled with stairs and some are easy and some are really steep.  Luckily for me I live in a 3 storey house!

Lastly, perhaps the most important part of my training should be actually going on a trek. I am going to start with an easy 3-5 mile walk and then build it up to a longer one with hilly and rugged terrain.

Will I keep to my plan? I hope so. Keep checking to find out! In the meantime, please share my blog and support my charity.