Starting from Scratch

So it has been nearly a week now since I announced my big news of walking the Great Wall of China and I have to be honest with you  – I have been overwhelmed by the amount of support I have received and all the generous donations to the Alzheimer’s Society. In just a few days I have raised over 10% of my £2000 target. It really does lift me up and gives me even more purpose and drive to do the challenge. Thank you so much.

Now, I need to confess…  I have never trekked before. I have never owned a pair of walking boots in my life. I grew up in a big city (Krakow, Poland) and even with the proximity of the Tatra mountains I had never done regular hiking in the mountains as a teenager. The only way up for me was in the ski lift to do come down on my skis! When I came to England, I realised that regular walking and hiking is nearly like a national sport here!

Karrimor Hot Rock Ladies Walking Boots

When I signed up to do trek of the Great Wall, I received a kit list with all the necessary equipment I need. Well, I have to admit there was not much I could cross off! Luckily, there are a lot of excellent online shops so  after my first small spree I now own a pair of walking boots that I can start breaking in. The ones I got are Karrimor Hot Rock boots which are so me… I will definitely do a blog soon featuring my gear.

Now, pass me the map…I need to plan some walks in our beautiful Lancashire and get my funky walking boots on!

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