The Beginning

OK, I have done it… Breathe in and out… Calm down…I have just signed up to do a charity challenge and trek the Great Wall of China in aid of Alzheimer’s Society.

To be honest I am both very scared and excited and with just less than 135 days to go those two will get even more pronounced.

It has always been my dream to go to China and see the Wall. I have been attracted to the Far Eastern culture for a long time, its customs and the landscape. Not many people might also know that I actually considered, for a short while, studying Japanese at the Jagellonian University before deciding on more straightforward English.

Great Wall of China Trek for Alzheimer's Society

But this is not just fulfilling my lifelong dream; it is after all a charity challenge. I have decided to do this walk in aid of Alzheimer’s Society as my family has been affected by this nasty disease. My father in law, Eddie, died of Alzheimer’s at a young age of 71 seven years ago. He loved hiking and walked for miles in the Lake District but his favourite was “Nicky Nook” in the Forest of Bowland, near Garstang.  I am doing it for him and I just wish I could be half of the hiker he was!

It is a big challenge for me in many ways. I have never been away from both my kids and my husband before for such a long time (8 days). I will definitely miss the dreaded morning routine, giggles and tears.  I have also never hiked before! I would like to think myself as a fit person but this will challenge me and I am sure I will feel it in every joint and muscle (so many steps!).  And who is going to miss my beloved GHD straighteners more than me?

I am reaching another milestone this year and I would like to say to myself that I have challenged myself and did it all in the memory of a special person. I am funding the trip myself but I would love to raise some funds for Alzheimer’s Society which will get 100% of all the donations. If you would like to donate, please got to my Justgiving webpage and donate whatever you can. You can also follow my progress on this blog, Instagram @gosh.c or Snapchat @gosiaandal (links in the top right corner).