Gearing up for the Challenge

Trekking Gear Challenge

Some of you have been walking all your life. You know every single hill, foothpath and dirt track in your area. You have an amazing selection of walking boots, waterproofs, rucksacks, fleeces, walking poles, you name it. And I envy you…

The challenge I have signed up for is a trekking trip. We are going to cover different sections of the Great Wall. We are going to  be trekking on an even and uneven terrain, climbing the stairs up and down, exploring crumbling and very steep parts of the wall. I thought the weather would be nice but the latest forecast is showing 10 C, cloud, and even some rain. So alongside my short sleeve Tshirts, I am packing my waterproofs, a few warm fleeces and I have actually bought a sleeping bag liner to keep me warm at night. [wc_fa icon=”smile-o” margin_left=”” margin_right=””][/wc_fa]


The kit list provided is long and, predictably, none of the items listed were in my wardrobe. So what does a girl do? She goes shopping. I have decided to go for well established brands like Karrimor, Peter Storm, Craghoppers, Berghaus and Regatta. Not sure how good they are and whether they are rated among the trekking crowd  but most of the reviews were positive so that’s fine with me.

As we are leaving on Saturday, I obviously have the entire clothing kit now. I have to be honest I got most of the stuff in the sale but even that did not make it a cheap experience!  So, here are some of the items I bought.

My Trekking Gear Haul

Let’s start from the second most important trekking item after walking boots- socks. Not just any socks but merino wool socks which feel amazing. They are warm and are supposed to keep the feet dry. I have also been recently advised to get some sock liners which prevent blisters on long treks. The best option would be pure silk but I went for Brigdedale Coolmax sock liner which l have tried out and these felt very comfy and kept my feet dry.

Merino wool socks








Now, I would like to mention the walking trousers…  I was looking at all the walking trousers and they all looked baggy and shapeless and who wants to wear that! Then I stumbled on Craghoppers Kiwi leggings. What a find…These are my absolute favourite. They are soft, stretchy and water repellent and look really cool when on. I might also get a pair of shorts or just stick to normal cropped gym leggings which should suffice when the weather turns warm.

Craghoppers walking leggings








A couple of warm fleeces and a breathable insulated light jacket should keep me warm on my trek. My plan is to create layers so my clothes can be adjusted to any weather conditions. To be honest, I am hoping I won’t need all this warm clothing but better be prepared.

Fleeces and coats

What I also like about this trekking gear is that it is all compressible. No need to fold everything neatly. Just throw in the bag and go which is ideal. I have actually just purchased another latest craze. Packing cubes! It makes packing easier especially when I have to live out from a back pack and not a suitcase.

 Nearly done…

Este Lauder travel size products

There are other important items on the list which need to make their way into my 85 litre backpack. Things like Chinese plug adapter, wet wipes, a battery power bank, dehydration tablets, my travel size beauty products or lots of my favourite Bounce protein balls (snack post link here).  I also need to pack a fancy outfit for our celebratory meal at the end of the trek – yes, I have made sure it is non-crease.

This is just a snapshot of my purchases. I could say I am ready for any weather conditions…but obviously still hoping for sunshine!

If any of you have any tips regarding the trekking gear or what to pack, I would appreciate your suggestions and comments.

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