Chasing Waterfalls

My county- Lancashire

I am still in awe that I live in such a beautiful county… So many trails, hills and places to explore. And it is all within an hour drive in any direction you choose.  I did mention before that I had never been a big weekend walker and explorer of the Lancashire landscape. Basically, it is all down to my prep for the Great Wall of China that I have started discovering all those amazing trails and developing a love for my walking boots.

The Trail

Breezley Falls

This weekend it was the turn of Ingleton Falls. Only an hour away and situated in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.  The trail starts in the village of Ingleton and takes you on a beautiful 8 km circular hike along the river Twiss and Doe, intertwined with gorgeous  waterfalls, numerous stairs and amazing views of the Yorkshire Dales.

I have taken my walking buddy with me (my 8 year old daughter) to keep me company and occupy me with her stories. As it was a Sunday afternoon, the trail was quite busy with families, couples and quite a few dogs.  We picked a really sunny day for this walk and the trees were definitely showing their autumnal colours.

My walking buddy

The route was quite demanding as it had a lot of steps along the way which, obviously, was great from my point of view… always thinking about those steps! The first interesting thing we stumbled upon was the “Money Tree” which basically was a tree trunk where people stuck coins in and because of the elements the coins had gone rusty, bent and creating a bark like effect on the tree.



The Falls

There are 8 waterfalls along the way.  Some big and some small. You definitely heard them first before they appeared in front of you in all their beauty. The biggest and the most impressive one was Thornton Force falling 14 metres over the limestone. The noise of the water crashing down was actually quite calming and relaxing and this spot created a great place for our lunch. By the way, there are a couple of little cafes and an ice cream van along the way so plenty of snacks and hot drinks to choose from.


Thornton Force

Ice cream van

The end

Ingleton Falls trail took us roughly 2.30 minutes to complete. We did stop a lot to admire the views and take pictures. It is definitely on my list of places to go back to and one to recommend. Just look at this view of the Yorkshire Dales…Isn’t it beautiful?

Yorkshire Dales

Thank you for reading about my last hike before the Big Trek. It is just 2 weeks away. I think I have done enough of walking and prepping – bring on the Wall!!!

Please watch my video from Ingleton Falls below…