London – through rain and sunshine

London – Again?!

Gosh! Another weekend in London. I could get used to it or just move down there… I love this place.

This time we travelled with our two kids to celebrate our friend’s (lovely Lisa) wedding. We chatted, drank lots of prosecco and danced to some amazing music and an outstanding Priscilla live band.

royal inn on the park
Royal Inn on the Park

Education, education, education…

As we travelled withe our kids, we had to make the trip a bit educational. I don’t mean just the sights around London but for me the most important “London” skill is reading the Tube map. As we did both the Tube and DLR,  there was plenty to test my 12 year old on! And I am sure she will thank me one day…

It was great to go back to East London. We stayed near the City Airport and my favourite Emirates Air Line. Obviously, I had to take my kids to see the views over the Thames.  We saw the O2, the Shard, the Thames barrier and the “Golden Syrup” Factory – yum!


The O2

Greenwich and Meridian 0

When you are so close to Greenwich, you have to visit Cutty Sark and the Royal Observatory. Greenwich is a lovely bit of south east London with  a local market and some grandiose historical buildings. Obviously, the main thing to see here is the meridian “0” which divides the Earth into West and East hemispheres – try to explain this to an 8 year old… The Royal Observatory is located up on a hill in Greenwich Park, overlooking the river Thames. The views are fantastic (please see the video on the right).

cutty sark


A hidden gem – The Monument

I did say this in my last London post that you never know what is hiding around the next corner. There is so much to explore and see in London. I was desperate to see the Shard which to be honest is not as impressive from down below but so amazing from the distance. We saw it, we took the pictures and then walked over the London Bridge and hey presto… we found ourselves in front of the Monument, a 60 metre column erected in 1677 to commemorate the Great Fire of London which started not far from there on Pudding  Lane. And who would have thought you can actually climb up the Monument to look at the Shard, the Tower Bridge and the Gherkin? 311 steps up a spiral staircase and it is all in front of you… and even better this turned out to be great training for the Great Wall of China. I would definitely recommend this climb if you are passing by…

The Shard up close

The Monument

Pudding Lane

The Monument Stairs

The Shard from distance

One more recommendation

Leon Restaurant… I would definitely recommend this “naturally fast food” place – we actually had 2 meals there while in London. The food is fresh and healthy, even the chips taste less fatty! If you want to try a healthier version of the Golden Arches, you definitely need to  visit one of the branches.

leon books

leon chocolate

Another amazing weekend in London. And the next trip down is only 3 weeks away when I will be travelling down with my backpack and my walking boots to meet my trekking friends for the first time at Heathrow Airport to start our Great Wall of China adventure.

Please watch my London video on the right. Enjoy and give it thumbs up!