On a Witch Trail – Pendle Hill

The Famous Hill

I guess this was my last walk and training before I set off for my Great Wall of China trek at the end of October. And what a fantastic way to finish off my training.

Apparently, if you live in Lancashire you need to climb Pendle Hill so after 16 years of living here I have finally done it. Obviously, everybody local is aware of the Hill and the famous Pendle Witches Trials from 17th century. My 8 year old daughter was fascinated by the story and was definitely on a look out for everything to do with witches and there were plenty of those around.

Witch Trail Pendle Hill

The Walk

Our walk up Pendle Hill started in a lovely little village of Barley.  I have to admit I don’t own any Ordinance Survey maps and depend heavily on the Internet which is full of routes, maps, directions and even pictures showing where to go and where to turn. Luckily for me, the Pendle Hill trail is well signposted which made the whole trek so much easier. Besides, as it was a nice Sunday afternoon, there were plenty of other walkers we could follow.

The climb took us up a long stairway made of stone steps which was quite challenging and tiring for our legs. However, we stopped frequently to admire the amazing views behind us.

Stairs up Pendle Hill

 The Summit

Pendle Hill summit is around 500 m above sea level and we could certainly feel the height when we got to the top. The weather changed drastically, it was cold, very windy and we definitely didn’t want to stay there for long. After a quick selfie we started our descent.  This time we went down the steep track which was as hard as the steps on the way up.

Pendle Hill Summit

Summit Selfie

Pendle Hill Trek  Movie

We felt very accomplished when we got back to Barley. After all we climbed one of the famous Lancashire hills. That’s it now as far as my training goes… apart form the weekend in London where I usually manage to do over 20 000 steps and building the strength in my legs with spinning and circuit classes at the gym.

Me and my daughters have made this video showing our Pendle Hill trek. Please watch, like and share.